Presents a Team Event

What Drives You?

How to Define Your Purpose, Communicate with Intent, and Inspire Action

The Perico Group is dedicated to offering educational programs that have a direct, definitive impact on your business. The Program for Advanced Interdisciplinary Dentistry includes Spear Clubs, Mini-Residency Programs, Advanced Collaborative Learning and the Spring and Fall Lecture Series. Each of these platforms strengthens interdisciplinary dentistry with focus on small group learning and clinical excellence. This fall, we are excited to offer content to enhance the side of your practice that brings you enjoyment and fulfillment. How can you wake up inspired and return home fulfilled – and deliver that vision to others – every single day? In November, we will welcome David Mead, with the Sinek Group and co-author of “Find Your Why,” to present a workshop designed to help you discover your individual purpose, communicate professionally and personally, and spark your team to elevate your practice to the next level.

“We believe restorative dentists deserve a specialist partner who appreciates that the goals of clinical excellence and business success are intertwined, shared and mutually dependent. One of the biggest challenges in dentistry today is understanding the business of running a practice. In an effort to support all stakeholders our community, we are hosting “What Drives You” in acknowledgement of the need to develop thoughtful, consistent, progressive leadership.”
– Simon Bernstein

This is a Team Event

Who Should You Bring?

Participants will learn the basic foundational principles of The Golden Circle and the Why Discovery process before working in groups of three to help each other discover and articulate their individual WHY. For this reason Perico has invited you, and two of your leading team members. This is a highly interactive session that works best when participants want to be there and have a desire (or at least a curiosity) to discover their WHY. Team members should be selected for their curiosity and interest in this exercise. An eagerness to participate in the event, and explore their WHY will create a far richer experience for your entire group.

Workshop Highlights

1. Gain a foundational knowledge of the Golden Circle.
2. Work with peers to discover your individual WHY.
3. Help your peers discover their unique WHY.
4. Learn what makes an inspiring WHY Statement & write a first draft.
5. Explore ways to begin bringing your WHY to life.

For questions regarding this event, please contact [email protected]