Solea Laser Therapy

Consistent with our mission to keep treatment simple, comfortable, and cutting edge while delivering the highest level of care, we at Perico are proud to utilize the Solea Dental Laser—a fast and precise alternative to many traditional periodontal procedures.

What Is Solea and How Does It Work?

Solea is an FDA-approved device designed to work on teeth and gums. A carbon dioxide micron dental laser that is used to remove or reshape soft (gums), hard (enamel and dentin) and osseous (bone) tissue, Solea has revolutionized the efficiency and desirability of our periodontal procedures. This breakthrough technology automatically adjusts laser wavelengths according to need, and rather than requiring a different tool for treatment of each variety of tissue, Solea offers a one-setting-fits-all approach, enabling doctors to focus on controlling the treatment process via computer as opposed to manually juggling multiple machines.

Improving Smiles & Changing Lives

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When Is Solea Used?

Solea treatments include:

  • Adjunct to “deep cleanings” to treat chronic periodontal disease
  • Gum shaping – gingivectomy, frenectomy
  • Soft tissue grafting
  • Safe for children and helpful in reducing their fears of the dentist

What Are the Benefits of Using Solea?

Solea is engineered to work through computer technology, so lasers do the work, and patients require minimal (if any) numbing preparation. Procedure time is dramatically reduced, as well as the level of pain and anxiety that can often accompany dental treatments.

Solea Dental Laser