Our Latest Patient Testimonial

This was my first experience at having a dental procedure. No root canal, all my wisdom teeth, no tooth extractions... I have to muster up the courage to have my teeth cleaned on a regular basis. I fractured my tooth and it became clear to me I was in need of a procedure greater than a cleaning and a patch job filling. If I could have I would have avoided it, postponed it, or tolerated it, but I couldn’t. My dentist referred me to Dr Wise. I heard of him outside of the world Of dentistry and decided to keep the appointment that was made. I couldn’t even use COVID 19 as an excuse ... that’s how badly this needed to be done. From the beginning I was treated with a level of professionalism that gave me the confidence I needed continue along the process. That professionalism continued to the point where I was actually in the chair and going to have an extraction... the word extraction was Hard enough for me to get past. To make an even longer story short Linda and Dr Wise performed brilliantly. I had no idea that the tooth actually gets pulled out ... but that is for another day. The best part... after the Novocaine wore off , no pain that night or the next day ... If I had to do it all over again ...I wouldn’t have eaten the olive that had the piece of pit that fractured my tooth. Thank you all for your commitment to dental health especially during these difficult times. It is greatly appreciated

- Salvy M

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