In addition to clinical excellence, the Perico Group was established with the fundamental principle that continued education and professional growth are instrumental to the best practice of dentistry.

Founders Dr. Kramer and Dr. Nevins were advocates of the advancement of education and participated in the elevation of dentistry by inviting fellow dentists from around the globe to observe and learn new techniques and technologies at Perico. As the practice grew, the local dental community sought a more formal education. The Perico Study Club for Advanced Dentistry was designed to provide solo practitioners with a lecture-style education and social interaction with other dentists. Referring dentists embraced the program and it was successful for many years.

In early 2010, Perico began to promote a small group collaborative learning model. With the introduction of the Mini-Residency Program (MRP) and Advance Collaborative Learning (ACL,) the Perico Group launched the next generation of continuing education. Two years later, Perico partnered with to provide a new study club experience. The dental community welcomed the interdisciplinary, treatment-planning based programs. 94 referring dentists have graduated from the MRP and ACL programs and the Perico/Spear Study Club partnership boasts 13 clubs and over 140 local doctor members.

Annually, the Perico Group develops new and innovative educational programs ranging from large, single-day events for 100-150 attendees to small, technique-focused surgical sessions. Recently, we expanded our offerings to include Hygiene and Administrative Study Clubs. These quarterly clubs host attendance by team members of referring practices and allows Perico to further support and strengthen those practices. Recently, The Perico Group received ADG Pace Certification so that we can provide Continuing Education Credits for our own courses and allow for even more opportunities in the future. The Perico Group takes pride in providing dentists the highest available educational resources while honoring the foundation of growth and development on which the practice was established.

Education Overview

Perico Study Clubs

The Perico Group recognizes the importance of providing our referrals with high-quality continuing education. We hold a full schedule of study club meetings as cooperative learning sessions. These sessions have a positive impact on patient results fist and foremost. Those who participate also benefit from the opportunity interact with other dental professionals and strategize on treatment plans, new techniques and new technologies. The overall results being better care along with higher career satisfaction.

Education Overview

A Mini-Residency in Restorative Implant Dentistry

Greggory DiLauri, DDS

This 5-session course will encompass all cutting-edge options available today with regard to implant restorative procedures and materials. We will examine our own cases together in a small group setting of dentists, specialists, and a local laboratory. Upon completion of all sessions, you will have new skills in identifying, treatment planning, and ultimately presenting complex cases with complete confidence to your existing and new patients.

Dr. Wael Garine Perico

Digital Dentistry Concepts in General Dentistry

Wael Garine, DMD

In the past few years, the term digital dentistry has been synonymous with the use of intra oral digital scanners. Today, digital dentistry goes well beyond scanning technologies. The time is now to leverage these technologies to enhance the patient experience from the moment that they connect with our offices. This series is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Education Overview

Perico Evening Lecture Series

Join the Perico Group this year for a new digital lecture series designed to provide a wide range of continuing education topics. This Evening Lecture Series will include seven virtual sessions with industry leaders covering a variety of topics ranging from implant restorations to digital design and surgically facilitated orthodontics. Participants can join us for one session or all seven depending on their interests. Join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook for registration and course announcements.