Perico Evening Lecture #3 with Dr. Sonia Leziy-A critical look at present day procedural changes in implant dentistry that have altered the way in which we care for our patients

November 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Kaamala Thorne

This presentation will explore how innovations and concept changes shape our skills and treatment planning solutions, while underscoring the importance of collaborative planning between restoring dentist, technician and surgical team members.
Surgical concepts that will be reviewed include virtual planning and guided surgery/provisional treatment, selection of diverse implant placement and restoration strategies, and management of hard tissue deficiencies and the gingival phenotype.
The following learning objectives will be explored in this presentation:
1. Soft and hard tissue enhancement procedures used in surgical practice today. Recognize what the surgical team can do, but understand the limitations.
2. Deciding on immediate, early or delayed implant placement and restoration protocols. Recognize the pros and cons of these decisions. The use and fabrication of customized healing abutments and provisionalization: Why they are important steps in guiding tissue form in both anterior and posterior regions.
3. The role of optical scans in periodontics.
4. Recognize why digital workflows are dramatically improving accuracy and practice efficiency, while reducing errors in the treatment planning phase, surgical protocols and restorative design.

Hosted by the Perico Group this is the third in a seven part virtual lecture series. Please be sure to check out the Perico website or follow us on Facebook to see all our upcoming education events.